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About Us

Our trust family is staffed by volunteers dedicated to improve the lives of abandoned poor children, adults, orphans, and the homeless in our nation. Star SS Trust provides children and families with clothing, food, education, and shelter. Through love, motivation, and opportunities we help people thrive and become self-sufficient, and on the other hand, we support the elderly with dignity and assistance. Besides we have taken up a sacred mission of helping the helpless. We must help them to raise funds and support their noble cause.

Who we are?

Star suthan subiksham trust is a Non-Governmental organization started in the year 2020 initially to care for the issues of Thisaiyanvilai, Tirunelveli district, and nearby areas. In further years star s s trust expanded its services in the areas of education, women empowerment, child care, environmental, and health care based on the needs. star s s trust primarily works for the betterment of the weaker section of the society. star s s trust strongly believes that equality in standards of living in the basic right of every human being. To achieve this vision, star s s trust has taken an approach to focus on providing various services, below are the list of services provided by star SS trust.